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How we successfully transitioned a client from a past vendor to Kreativ Marketing.

The Challenge

Kreativ Marketing was challenged to exceed previous marketing efforts from a previous agency, meet client expectations and improve the clients digital marketing efforts. 

Website Audit

Once we had a thorough understanding of the customer behavior we shifted our focus to the website to ensure the taxonomy of it as well as the user experience was set up efficiently to deliver on the client’s goals. We often find companies present information and experience in a way that makes sense to them but not the end user; the customer.  We dove deep into their site with a customer first perspective and began making optimizations that shifted the focus from what the company wanted and more toward the customer.

The Tactics

  • Comprehensive analysis of website behavior flow
  • Complete website audit
  • In-depth analysis of current SEM strategy

Website Behavior Flow Analysis

Before we could jump in an offer up suggestions and recommendations to the client we needed to dive into and understand how potential customers were using the website. Finding trends and understanding behavior patterns give us cues on if the website or the various marketing tactics need optimizing (most often it’s both.)

SEM Strategy

This particular client’s main paid marketing tactic was Paid Search. They had a sizeable monthly budget but we found most of it was going to waste due to the past vendors set it and forget it strategy. We found a lot of low hanging opportunities to make such as negative keywords, implementing the demographic information we determined and verified, time of day and device conversion. Additionally, we took a look at keywords and executed an analysis where we identified high performers as well as low performers. The top converting keywords were extremely expensive we found less competitive, yet effective keyword alternatives. Last but not least, we analyzed the current website SEO. Knowing that the better the SEO of a site is the better Paid Search will perform this was a step we didn’t take lightly. With a lot of planning and research, we were able to better sync Paid Search with the SEO. This had a big impact on our click-thru rates which positively increased our ad relevancy and ultimately improved our quality scores and drove the cost per click down thus allowing the budget to work harder and go further.

The Results


Media Channels

  • Google
  • Facebook


  • Google Analytics
  • Google & Facebook Ads
  • Website Optimization


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