Have you noticed an increased amount of Instagram Reels in your feed? This isn’t by accident! It’s no secret that Instagram has been pushing video content over still photos, and it doesn’t appear that this will change any time soon. Here are a few ways to use Instagram Reels to your advantage:

1) You can reach a larger audience

Instagram has started allowing users to use trending audios for their content. What does this mean? Essentially, Instagram is pushing content that uses trending audios (which means more eyes on your content)!

2)You can show off your services

Use the push of video format to your advantage! Make sure to show off any upcoming product launches, services, etc.

3)Answer common questions

Answer the common questions that users may have in video format! This can help cut down wait time to unanswered questions.

4)Post behind the scenes content

Show your followers and inside look by showing what happens behind the scenes!

5)Share upcoming events/sales

Want to have a bigger turnout to your event or sale? Make sure to get the word out by making an instagram reel (this can help you get more views)!

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