Digital Marketing strategies consists of many variables that must be considered holistically. Many companies can get away with spending their resources trying different strategies and identifying what sticks, but some small businesses need marketing strategies just to survive. Wasting resources is not an option. You need a strategy and fast. In this article, we discuss how you can do just that by identifying effective and cheap digital marketing strategies.

The Basics of Inexpensive Marketing for Small Businesses

No single answer exists when determining how to market your business. In fact, the top small business digital marketing agencies build campaigns consisting of several different forms of marketing to create a holistic strategy. Think of marketing as a way to build relationships with your customer base. When developing a strategy, consider what will most effectively allow your business to develop those relationships within your budget.

For example, consider your business’ digital presence starting with your website. Websites are required for businesses to even survive in today’s economy. With a good Search Engine Optimization strategy, your website can gain traffic quickly by providing lots of info about your business while being succinct. This allows your business to be visible online, which opens the door to effectively expanding your digital presence.

Growing a Cheap Digital Marketing Presence

Once you have exhausted your local customer base through foot traffic and other means, it’s time to look at expanding. To determine what strategy will most effectively build awareness, consider some factors about your business. What kind of operation are you? Can you sell online or are your sales primarily in store? Where is your business located? What is your target audience?

Let’s say you own a café in a downtown area. You operate a Business to Consumer (B2C) business making Social Media an extremely helpful tools to get the word out quickly. A consistently updated Facebook and Instagram page will allow you to introduce your business and grow that relationship. Plus, it’s free. Consider boosting well performing posts to people within driving distance of your store to build further awareness. Boosted posts can achieve promising results with extremely minimal budget. At Kreativ Marketing, we have boosted posts for as little as $10. Also, check out the Google My Business tools to help customers find your business on google and interact with customer reviews.

The Customer Relationship

Don’t let those relationships fade away after the sale is made. Developing a loyal customer means staying in touch. Free Social Media pages are important in building a cheap online presence that compliments your website and any paid advertising you choose to use. Cultivate that relationship with your customer through consistent and well-developed content. Further, make sure to utilize tools that make sense for your business. Utilize e-commerce options for online sales. If you can’t afford that yet, then be consistently building that social media presence and engage with your customers.

Consistently engaging your customers fosters a sense of loyalty to your brand. Cultivating these relationships with care can mean the difference between your business drying up quickly or thriving.