Kreativ is excited to announce that we are adding Influencer Services to our business!

Influencer Marketing is booming and is only continuing to grow. What many don’t consider is that Influencers are essentially small businesses who likely happened upon this opportunity because their content is engaging. The dilemma with many influencers is since their success wasn’t “planned”, they aren’t sure how to scale up or where to start in that planning process.

That’s where Kreativ comes in.

Our first Influencer client is Morgan from The White Farmhouse Blog. The focus of her blog is home decor. Morgan and her husband Doug purchased his parents’ farmhouse in 2012 and spent the following year remodeling it. What started out as an escape during her postpartum depression has blossomed into a revenue-generating creative outlet.

We’re very excited about this opportunity in a relatively new market.

Here is the link to The White Farmhouse Blog Instagram. 

Here is the link to The White Farmhouse Blog Website. 

If you want to learn how we can help you with managing your blog or scaling your influencer business, contact Kreativ today!