Local Service Ads VS Google Ads

Local Service Ads or Google Guarantee is a verification service implemented by Google which supports local businesses in specific industries. It not only filters out fraudulent services but also gives consumers peace of mind and confidence when booking these services.

It’s not necessary to choose between both services; you can most definitely run both campaigns.

You’ll already know that in Google Ads, every time someone clicks on your ad, you have to pay a fiscal amount which is known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC). however, in Local Services Ads you only pay when a customer makes contact with you related to your products or services. This is a huge advantage with Google Guarantee as you will not pay for unnecessary clicks on your ads.

Why They Work Well Together

Because Local Service Ads and Regular Google Ads operate differently, they both offer distinctive benefits. Google Guarantee allows you to captivate potential consumers in the local community at a reduced cost, while only paying for leads, not PPC. Whereas Google Ads targets more keyword and SEO placement. Local Service Ads are now appearing at the top of the page, thus being the first thing consumers are seeing. Local Service Ads are also beginner-friendly as there’s less attention to detail compared to strategizing keyword and negative keyword specification.

Because they juxtapose so well together, your company/client will be getting the best of both worlds, providing you more exposure and opportunity to be spotted by new clients and to acquire new business.

Why You Should Consider Using Local Service Ads

  • Disputing improper leads which you have been charged for, you need to make sure you have a valid reason, and it’s actually not a valid lead. People calling for another product or service you do not offer, consumers who want work done outside of your proximity, city or state. Providing you with an even better bang for your buck.
  • Higher quality leads.
  • Provides security and peace of mind to consumers.
  • Companies who are using Local Service Ads will have a competitive advantage over companies in the same area and industry who are not.

For newer users Local Service Ads are very beginner friendly, especially compared to Google Ads.There are a few factors that are imperative to maximizing Local Service Ads alongside Google Ads. Reviews, as we know, are crucial to maintaining and acquiring consumers. If you receive negative reviews, your position in Local Service Ads will certainly be jeopardized. Google My Business (GMB) needs to be updated and maintained, replying to reviews, updating times and services as well as Google posts, all of these combinations and more WILL improve your Ad Ranking.