We live in a time where we scroll through our phones for 15 minutes before getting out of bed, change into work clothes, maybe eat, and then head out the door for work. While that might work for some people, it was starting to make me feel sort of chaotic. I wasn’t giving myself time to wake up and think about what I wanted to do that day.

Once I started to force myself to wake up earlier in the morning and follow a routine, I discovered I was alert and creative in the morning, both of which I never realized because I’ve always considered myself “NOT a morning person”. This new routine was allowing me to spend time waking up slowly, be more prepared for the day, and ultimately less stressed out.

Some people incorporate spiritual practices in their morning routine, while others workout to achieve mental clarity. A morning routine can be as in-depth or low key as you want it to be. It’s really about what works for you, what inspires you and what your goals are for your day and life.

Below you’ll find varying morning routines from 5 successful people to get some inspiration from. They are similar, yet are all very different.

Oprah – Talk Show Host | Philanthropist | Actress | Producer
– Drinks coffee while she pulls 5 “Gathered Truths” to read.
– Gathered Truths are thoughtful quotes you read every day for a year. When you’re Oprah you gotta keep that positivity sky high so she opts for 5.
– Spiritual readings
– Meditates
– Works out. She enjoys running on her property that is surrounded by woods. Talk about dreamy.

Tony Robbins – Life Coach | Author | Entrepreneur
– He does this activity he calls “priming” (Check the link on the bottom for a better visual). It’s a 3 step routine that takes 10 minutes.
First, you do a quick breathing exercise/hand burst (this is the part you should watch the video for).
– Afterwards (while eyes closed), he thinks of a time in his life when he was grateful for something and really remembers the moment and steps into it and feel how he felt at that time.
– Next, he focuses on three things he wants to accomplish, one at a time and how accomplishing that is going to make him feel.

Lee Tilghman – Recipe Developer | Holistic Lifestyle
– She wakes up around 6:30 am and drinks hot water with lemon.
– Next she works out. The type of workout varies from weight training, running, and yoga. Instead of following a strict routine, she does what feels is right for that day.
– Afterwards she meditates. She uses the Calm app, which has a free version and paid version.
– The last step in her routine is making breakfast and setting intentions for the day.

Steve Jobs – Co Founder of Apple
– Jobs asks himself everyday “If today was the last day of my life, would I be happy with what I’m about to do for today?” If responded with ‘No’ too many days in a row, he knew he needed to make some changes.

Barack Obama – Former President of the United States
– During his presidency, he woke up 2 hours before his first scheduled event and used those extra hours to get a work out in, which he apparently never skipped out on.
– Instead of drinking coffee, Obama opts for green tea instead and stays hydrated through the day with orange juice and water.
– Lastly, he catches up on current affairs by reading the physical newspaper and watching ESPN.

My advice: it’s all about baby steps. If you currently don’t do anything but are interested in starting a couple things, try incorporating one thing at a time. For example, maybe start by waking up 1 hour earlier to get your body used to waking up so you can give yourself time to do your routine.

Next, experiment. People tend to get inspired, make a strict plan they say they’re going to stick to, stick to it for 3 days, fall off, and then get upset with themselves. Let the self-shame begin. If you find yourself constantly falling off with the 6am workouts, maybe working out that early just isn’t for you.

Also, if you are struggling with something, like stress from work or relationships, maybe use that to help you decide what your morning ritual will look like!