Client: Plummers Disposal Service
Project Categories: Web, PPC, SEO

Plummers Disposal Service has a high level of competition throughout West Michigan. Being a seasonal service makes it even more essential to capitalize on each touchpoint with potential customers. We were challenged to implement PPC (pay per click/paid search/Google Ads) campaigns and ensure the messaging is relevant with a clear path to purchase.


Keyword Research

In order to ensure relevance, we dug into high converting keywords, low converting keywords and missed keyword opportunities from preexisting PPC campaigns. Utilizing Google Analytics helped us understand user behavior and trends in the path to conversion by service type offered. Within these trends, we were able to identify opportunities where we could lessen user clicks needed to convert which enhanced the user’s experience.

Increase quality

Once we understood the keywords, high and low converting, we created new campaigns and ad groups. Furthermore, we applied our keyword findings to enhance onsite SEO which increased the number of auctions the campaigns we were in (impressions.) In applying these finding both onsite and off, the relevancy of our ads increased lowering the CPC. Logically this caused the gap between the number of impressions and clicks we earned to lower which, from a mathematical standpoint, naturally increased the CTR.

Media Channels

  • Google


  • Impressions – +18%
  • Clicks – +40%
  • CPC – 56%


  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Website Optimization