Always talk to more than one company about your new website or marketing project. In that first meeting be on the lookout for these statements. Website development or marketing company that says anything like these statements are not to be trusted.

We will get your website on the first page of Google guaranteed.

It is impossible to promise this statement, and honest marketing agencies will never make this statement. Getting on the first page is always the goal, but so many factors play into search results that this can never be a guarantee. If a marketing agency claims to be able to guarantee first page results, get out fast! They are either scam artists or too inexperienced to understand how search engines work.

Kreativ websites are set up for SEO success, but ranking on Google is something that you will need additional SEO services to achieve. Ranking on search engines is like trying to hit a moving target. It’s constantly changing and updating. Google changes its search algorithm 2 times a day. So SEO is something that is never done, and must be adjusted all the time.

100% uptime, or your website will never go down.

The best hosting services in the business can only promise 99.9% uptime. Any agency with hosting promising more than that is not being honest. You should also make sure your web hosting agency has tech support, so when your website does go down for a period they will be able to get it back online for you quickly.

We have a large Google cloud server account and host our websites on some of the best servers on the planet. With an impressive 99.9% uptime average. When you website goes down, we often know before you do and are already working on getting it back online.

Who owns the website?

This is something that many new business owners are unaware of. Some website development companies actually own anything they create for you including the content and images on your website and your domain name (web address). Be sure to ask who owns the domain name and the website files, so if you need to move your website someplace else you will be able to.

At Kreativ, we recommend that you purchase your own domain name from a service like GoDaddy or Hover, and then use agency hosting. If your website is built with Kreativ, you own all the files and can take your website with you if you decide to leave.

Your website will never get hacked.

Finding out your website has been hacked is a nightmare. It’s embarrassing and inconvenient. Hosts can’t guarantee that your website will never get hacked. Most often hackers will use your own website admin username and password to hack your website. What an agency can promise is that they have put proper security measures in place to prevent hacking and that they perform regular scans to check for malware.

At Kreativ we use top notch security measures to keep hackers at bay and we encourage all of our client website admins to use strong passwords and 2 factor authentication for logging into their own websites. If your website does get hacked, we will get it cleaned up at no charge.

You are looking for a partner, not just a Website Development Company

At Kreativ, we want to work with you to make your website it’s best. Communication is key, we are going to be transparent and give you the best expert advice possible. When you sign with Kreativ you get a team of people who care about your business and want to see it succeed. Interested? Contact us today.