Add to Your Reading List: What the Kreativ Team Is Reading Now

In our last post (check it out here), we shared our team’s favorite ways to unplug from work during the weekends and week nights. Somehow, we managed to leave out one of the best ways to unplug. Reading!

Reading is a great way to check out and go offline, and it gives your brain a good workout! Keep reading to find out what our team’s current reading list consists of and start adding them to your Summer reading list!  


Maggie’s Pick

Title: The Immoralists

Genre: Fiction

What it’s about: This book follows a group of siblings through their lives after they visit a fortune teller as children and find out how old they would be when they die, and how they choose to live their lives after finding out such information. At times this book is sad and depressing, if you are looking for a feel-good read, this isn’t it. But I found it different from most books I’ve read and it made me reflect and consider whether or not I was taking full advantage of life’s little moments. It’s an intense read that I couldn’t put it down.

You’ll Love it if: You’re a fan of fiction and suspense.


Cassie’s Pick

Title: The Girls 

Genre: Fiction

What it’s about: While it’s about a girl joining a cult in the 60’s, it’s also a story about a girl coming of age. The point of view bounces back and forth between Evie (the main character) as a 14-year-old and then to her 30’s or 40’s. There is psychedelic drug use in the book and Cline does an amazing job writing in a way that makes you feel like – you too – are in a dream-like state. Character development is huge for me and I think Cline does a great job building Evie as a believable and relatable character. The inner dialogue of Evie feels very real to me. 

You’ll Love it if: You’re a fan of drama and suspense. 


Micah’s Pick

Title: Outwitting the Devil

Genre: Psycology/Self-Help/Motivation

What’s It About: Outwitting the Devil is a controversial book (so controversial in the time of its writing (1938) the author didn’t publish it while he was still alive to avoid backlash) that puts the concept of the devil into more easily digestible forms, such as fear, procrastination, addiction, disease, and anger. This book is written in conversation form, the author being the interviewer, the devil being interviewed. The main goal of this book is to dive deep into the things that keep us from reaching our goals, and how “the devil” uses them to keep us stuck, intended to bring more awareness to what’s going on and how we can overcome. This book has been a big eye opener for me personally.

You’ll Love it if: You constantly strive to improve, and enjoy philosophies that shift your perception (i.e. getting your mind blown)



Hannah’s Pick

Title: The Lake House by Kate Morton

Genre: Historical fiction

What it’s about: This novel is a historical murder mystery that bounces back and forth between 1933 and 2003. You follow two characters whose stories begin to intertwine with one another more and more as the story goes on. The plot is twisted, thick, and full of secrets that make it impossible to put the book down. A murder mystery touching on topics of family, guilt, relationships, war and secrets, a good read for anyone wanting to escape to Loeaenneth in Cornwall for a while. 


You’ll love it if: You love a good murder mystery


Troy’s Pick 
Title: So Good They Can’t Ignore You
Genre: Non-Fiction
What’s It About: For those who need a little motivation here and there. The book focuses on the journey to fulfilling one’s purpose in regards to a career. It serves as a guideline on how to be in control and proactive when setting goals and accomplishing them. This book puts a twist on the typical ‘follow your passion’ mantra and gives the reader authentic views in the form of anecdotes and interviews on how people shaped their successes. 

You’ll Love It If: You’re contemplating what to do with your career.


What’s on your reading list? Drop us a comment on Facebook or Instagram to leave your recommendation!