Paid Search ads can be a great tool for expanding your business’ reach online. But what if you spend all that time, energy, and money on developing your advertisements only for it to remain idle?
There are many factors that play into a successful Google Ads campaign and many ways to fail. If you’re google ads aren’t showing as much as you’d like, then check out these tips before calling it quits.

Keep Your Paid Search Campaign Focused

Successful advertising strategies require focus. What should your campaign accomplish? Are you looking to increase sales? Email newsletter sign-ups? Appointment requests? Whatever the goal of your business, your google ads should serve to improve on that goal.

Your keyword strategy, location targeting, and ad messaging are major contributors to success of this goal.

Keyword Strategy

Your targeted keywords should consist only of search terms relating to your business. These keywords should be clearly related, but not so specific that google can’t be flexible with bidding on variations of keywords.
For example, ff your business sells shoes, then ensure search terms for hat’s aren’t triggering your ads. Check this by clicking on the search terms tab in the menu bar. If searches for hats are show up, click on the term and assign it as a negative keyword. This will tell Google to not bid on these kinds of searches.
As for variations, if you’re selling shoes, you might choose to include specific brand names as keywords. Even colors and styles work too. If they relate to what you’re selling, they should be a keyword.

Location Targeting

Location targeting on Google Ads means just that. You’re selecting the region in which you want to reach your customers. There are a couple things to keep in mind when building this portion of your campaign.
First, make sure you haven’t spread your budget too thin. While there is no set minimum for a monthly ads budget, you will be able to tell if you need to increase it. If Google doesn’t notify you, your lack of conversions will. If you can’t increase your budget, try scaling back on the locations you’re targeting to only the best performing.
Second, don’t target outside of your physical stores’ reach unless you have an e-commerce option. Unless you’re in a niche industry or running an amazing sale, most people will default to the closest option.

Ad Messaging

Converting sales requires engaging ad copy. Your message should be unique, compelling, and specific. Most importantly, it should be relevant to the keyword’s you’re targeting.
For example, if you’re seeing searches for Blue Suede Shoes, then add that as a keyword and include it in your ad copy. Instead of writing a million ads that say, “we are a shoe store”, this allows for more unique messaging like, “Classic Blue Suede Shoes for Sale”.

Stay Engaged with Your Paid Search Ads

Taking your google ads campaign from underperforming to a successful venture requires constant engagement. As a business owner, you’ve spent too much time and money into realizing your business’ success. Perhaps hiring a marketing agency to build your online presence would be helpful. Agencies have the tools to analyze industry trends and enact detailed campaigns that effectively expand a business’ reach.
If you’re not ready to hire an agency just yet, then keep the above information in mind. Focusing your campaign will give your business the digital foundation it needs to expand its reach.